What cricket bat does Zak Crawley use?

Zak Crawley currently bats with a Gray Nicholls Hypernova. The bat promises a mid-low sweepspot which will give you maximum power, with large edges that offer value for shots even if you don't middle it.

Zak Crawley

About Gray Nicholls and the Hypernova cricket bat

Gray Nicholls Hypernova cricket bat

The Gray company was founded as H.J. Gray and Sons by H.J. Gray in 1855. This company later began manufacturing cricket bats for leading Cambridge University cricketers such as Ranjitsinjhi and the then Prince of Wales and remained a family business. L.J. Nicolls started manufacturing cricket bats in 1876.

These two manufacturers merged in the early 1940s and thus Gray-Nicolls was formed. Gray-Nicolls manufactures and sells a wide range of products for cricket equipment, such as bats, batting gloves, balls, pads, athletic shoes, team uniforms, and bags. (Reference: Wikipedia)

With mid-to-low middle, the Hypernova boasts large hitting area and a long, sweeping spine and pronounced edges that give batters maximum impact.

The flat face of the Hypernova offers an increased profile, while the square toe matches the current trend in the pro game.

Hypernova's low balance point allows you to generate incredible power and bat speed, while our innovative bat shaping gives incredible pick-up.

The Hypernova 1.0 decals are rendered with tonal blues, which promote a metallic red and fluorescent yellow combination, creating a contrasting multi-coloured finish that is sure the catch the eye.

Gray Nicholls Hypernova Cricket Bat Review

About Zak Crawley

Zak Crawley (born 3 February 1998) is an English professional cricketer who plays for Kent County Cricket Club. He plays Test cricket for the England cricket team, having also played One Day Internationals for a short period. Crawley is a top-order batsman who has been described as "very strong" technically and as a "natural stroke maker". He made his international debut for England in November 2019 in the second Test match of England's tour of New Zealand. Following a score of 267 runs in 2020, he was named as one of the Wisden Cricketers of the Year in the 2021 edition of the almanack. (Reference: Wikipedia)

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